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Customer Regulation


Do you wish to ship goods which could be subject to restriction? To be on the safe side you should discuss the contents of your shipment with us in advance, because we have to return any parcels which cannot be shipped at your expense. And in the event of doubt you are also responsible for any damage which is caused during the transport of risky shipments. You should therefore note 

Description of Goods

Be specific about the contents of your shipment providing information about the type of products you will like to ship, the materials it's made from, and the country of origin.


Every country has its regulations on how you should packaged goods coming out or coming in. Always check what these rules are before packaging your goods. Make sure you label the package properly. You can also ask us before shipment if we can do these things for you just to make sure all things are done properly.


Insurance for the items you are shipping overseas is crucial. It may cost you a bit more but it will give you peace of mind.


Every country has additional documents they might need depending on the kind of goods you are importing or exporting. Please make sure to check the required and necessary documents for the country from which the goods are being shipped to.

Custom Declaration

Make sure you check the custom condition in your country including the charges and their restrictions to different goods before engaging into import or export.

who pays for what?

Don't get caught by surprise. Always try to estimate import duties and taxes, which can be billed to the shipper, receiver, a third party, or split among them depending on the incoterm used.